Welcome to Detech USA!

Detech USA is proud to be a progressive website specializing in products created and developed by Detech of Bulgaria specifically for the metal detecting industry.

In just a few years the name Detech has become synonymous with high quality products developed and manufactured with cutting edge technology using the very best materials and innovation.

Simply put, you will not find a better after market coil for any of the leading metal detectors brands.

Detech offers a variety of specially designed coils for any metal detecting situation with coils tuned to the frequencies of each specific machine.

Detech takes pride in their production, building each coil to waterproof standards, with a close fitting skid plate plate and warranties each coil for two years from date of purchase with a hassle free replacement policy.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you search for coins in a local park, relics on a Civil War battlefield or gold nuggets in a highly mineralized stretch of desert, let Detech breathe new life into your detector by offering a coil configuration and size that suits your application and start digging those deep signals that others have missed.

What treasures are you walking over? Find out with DETECH!

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