About Us

In 2012, I made my first trip to Australia to find a gold nugget, previously I had detected here in Pennsylvania with a Whites MXT and had found my share of coins, jewelry and relics. One day I picked up a copy of the Mining Journal and read an article on detecting for gold nuggets in California. It looked easy, there were many pictures of smiling people showing handfuls of various sized nuggets. I was intrigued, I wanted to be one of these happy people with a handful of gold nuggets.

Reading on I realized that the main detectors being used were not the VLF coin machines I was used too but expensive Minelab GPX 4500 and 5000 models. These machines had been developed in Australia by Minelab and had no equal in their ability to sniff out small and large gold nuggets in highly mineralized soil that made many VLF machines useless. I wanted to be successful so I bought a Minelab GPX 5000 and planned a trip to Australia. The trip to Australia was great, as fortune would have it I met up with a wonderful local prospector who not only knew where to look but was extremely versed in the various settings needed to make the GPX 5000 a gold sniffing magnet. I was hooked and planned another trip the following year.

I spent the next year reading everything I could about nugget detecting, and one day noticed a Detech coil on Ebay for the GPX 5000. This coil was an 8inch Mono which was 3inches smaller than the stock 11in provided with the machine and was listed as being more sensitive to small gold. Why not I thought and clicked the “buy me now button.” The coil arrived eight days later from Detech in Bulgaria. I was immediately impressed with its quality construction, waterproof ability and two year warranty. I also received an email from someone from Detech with the following message. “You gold man?” I replied yes, “I’m gold man.” and sent a copy of my Australian trip that was published in the Mining Journal, Feb, 2013. I learned that Detech was looking for someone to market their line of Minelab GPX, GP and SD coils here in the US. The Detech agent was Slavito who had his own GPX 5000 and was mad about gold detecting, so much so that he had booked a trip to Australia in January, their summer, when the temperatures were 100 to 120 degrees daily! Slavitoos trip went well and using the Detech coils his company produced managed to find many grams of nuggets, including a 12.3 gram whopper in flogged ground in Victoria. I couldn`t wait to get back to Australia and try some of these new coils that had been so productive to Slavitoo.

The months dragged by, but finally June arrived and again I found myself in Western Australia on the gold fields armed with my new Detech 8inch coil. I remembered one small patch that I had found the previous year and detected to death, even going so far as to drag a chain behind me to thoroughly cover the ground. Arriving on the site I could see the out lines of my old dig holes, even though I had done my best to recover them. I turned on the machine and started detecting. Swinging between two of my old holes I got a sharp signal, dug it up and was amazed to find a small nugget. How did I miss that? I said to myself? Moving several more feet another signal jumped out and again another nugget! This continued until I had swept over the whole patch and found an additional 12 nuggets. The smaller Detech coil was picking up the signals the stock coil had missed. Since then I have used Detech coils exclusively on my detector and the results have been outstanding on sensitivity and depth.

I have since detected twice with Slavitoo in Victoria and Western Australia testing their newest generation of spiral wound coils. These coils are patents of Detech and shows their commitment to innovation and superior coil technology.

Rege Podraza – USA DETECH Coil Distributor